Gobak Sodor is one of popular Indonesian Traditional Games which gives many good impacts for us. First, since it’s played in group, practically it will train your teamwork skill because you will have to have a good coordination within your group in order to be the winner. Second, playing this game can strengthen your friendship, you can make new friends and/or you can be closer to your old ones and build trust in each other. Third, this game is good for  having fun, there will be joy, scream, laughter, it will be a good refreshing time, won’t it? And the last is that this game also makes your body healthy. You will have to run as fast as possible if necessary during this game and always be on guard to achieve victory, so it will make you sweat and healthy. Now we know that Gobak Sodor is a very good game to play, call your friends and try it yourself!

By: Dea Taradipa Ardiagarianti (113110105) IF-35-03